Queen Elizabeth II | Peter Summers/Getty Images
Queen Elizabeth II | Peter Summers/Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth’s Ruby Tiara Has a Clever, Shady Meaning

From her many luxurious homes to her collection of high-end cars, and especially her impressive jewelry collection, Queen Elizabeth has access to amenities that the rest of us can only dream of.Being the head of the British Monarchy has its advantages and disadvantages.

The queen does not simply open her jewelry box in the morning and choose which pieces to wear at random. Instead, she carefully selects her earrings, necklaces, and other accessories to match not only her outfits, but also the occasion and whomever she may be meeting with.

Her Majesty always looks stunning, and her jewelry collection is comprised of some of the world’s most valuable stones and metals. We all know that the queen has a habit of sending hidden messages through her actions. Here’s how the ruby tiara on Queen Elizabeth’s head has a clever, shady meaning.

The collection of jewels and tiaras owned by Queen Elizabeth is enormous.

The Queen of England has an incredible jewelry and tiara collection, which she has worn for decades. While most people have one or two special pieces of jewelry, the queen has a large number of them, all of which, according to National Diamonds, have a long history.

She has a special diamond bracelet, for example, that Prince Philip gave her on their wedding day. The queen also frequently wears the Festoon necklace, which is a triple diamond strand, as well as Queen Mary’s Lover’s Knot Brooch, which was made in the late nineteenth century.

What other treasures does the queen possess? The Victorian Suite of Sapphire and Diamond set, as well as the Crown Amethyst Suite of Jewels, which includes a brooch, necklace, and earrings. Not to mention her magnificent tiaras, including the Queen Mary’s Fringe Tiara, the Grand Duchess of Vladimir tiara, and the Imperial State Crown.

When she met with Donald Trump, the queen wore which tiara?

Even the queen knew that no ordinary tiara would suffice when meeting then-President Donald Trump! Many experts believe Queen Elizabeth has over 40 tiaras to choose from, and when she was in the presence of then-President of the United States, she knew the Burmese Ruby and Diamond tiara was the right choice.

According to Town & Country, the stunning headpiece was created in 1973 with 96 rubies gifted to the queen by the people of Burma and is valued at around $7 million dollars. Which of her tiaras is her favorite or the one she wears the most? It is said to be a tiara worn by the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland.

The ruby tiara worn by Queen Elizabeth could have had a hidden meaning.

The queen didn’t wear the ruby tiara just because she felt like it when she met with Trump, as it turns out. The piece was chosen for its hidden meaning, which was not lost on the audience.

The queen wore that particular tiara because it was a “symbol of protection against illness and evil,” according to Good Housekeeping, despite the royals’ tendency to take a neutral stance on politics. The rubies are a symbol of protection against disease and evil, and the House of Garrard, who created the piece, claims that “the 96 rubies in the tiara protect she who wears it against 96 diseases that can affect humans” in a statement.

Queen Elizabeth II | Pool/Tim Graham Picture Library/Getty Images
Queen Elizabeth II | Pool/Tim Graham Picture Library/Getty Images

Some royal fans even claimed that the queen “shaded” Trump with her tiara choice, and while there is no way of knowing what she was thinking, she looked stunning nonetheless.

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