Meghan and Harry risk ‘further royal damage’ over Lilibet christening

The Royal Family has warned Meghan and Harry  that the decisions they make for their daughter Lilibet’s christening could cause “further damage.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex may have three options when it comes to christening their newborn child, according to royal expert Daniela Elser. After Archie’s christening in 2019, the couple shared a photo of him, but they may do things differently this time. Ms Elser added that holding the ceremony in the United States could strain relations with the royals even more because they may not be able to travel there, particularly the Queen. She went on to say that a christening in the United Kingdom might be the only way to improve relations with the royals.

In an article for, Ms Elser stated: “In retrospect, the couple’s handling of Archie’s christening was a watershed moment, and a straight line can be drawn from that uproar to Megxit.

“All of this adds to the charged and fraught nature of Lili’s christening, which has the potential to either improve or worsen Harry’s relationship with his family.

“If the Sussexes decide to have the christening back in the UK, perhaps in September when both Harry and Meghan are expected to return to London, it will be seen as an olive branch after years of intra-family squabbling and animosity.

“However, if the Sussexes decide to hold the ceremony in California, preventing the Queen from attending because she no longer travels internationally, it will be seen as a clear rejection of the royal family.

“There is also a third option: they choose to forego baptism altogether. However, given that Her Majesty is the head of the Church of England, this would be interpreted as deeply disrespectful.”

In March 2020, Harry and Meghan left their royal duties and moved to California.

In their tell-all Oprah Winfrey interview in March, they made a number of explosive claims about the Royal Family, including one about William’s wife Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge.

In the weeks that followed, Harry made more divisive remarks about his family.

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